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Medically Monitored Weight Loss
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What We Do

At ThinfastMD we specialize in Medically Monitored Weight Loss. Our weight loss programs are specifically customized and tailored to each patient’s health and weight loss goals. With the combination of lifestyle, diet, exercise, and behavioral counseling, our team is dedicated to getting each patient to a lighter, healthier, and better version of themselves. Whether you want to lose 5 lbs before your upcoming event or vacation, or 150 lbs to live a healthier medication free life, we are committed to getting each of our patients to their goal. Our long-term relationship with our patients not only ensures that they achieve a better lifestyle, but continue to maintain one well after meeting their goals.


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Our Belief

We believe in an individualized and personal approach to medical weight loss. We are ready to provide you with the guidance, tools, and support necessary to meet your weight loss goal and achieve long-term weight loss success. Our team is comprised of doctors, nurses and registered dietitians that are all committed to helping you lose weight and be healthy. If you are ready to lose weight then take the next step and learn more about our programs and how we can customize them to meet your individualized needs.

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Ehtesham Ghani, MD

Medical Director, Internal/Bariatric Medicine

Sam R. Patel, MD, MBA

Managing Director – Apollo Medical Management

Mona Mahmood

PA-C, MMS Bariatric & Aesthetics