Individuals trying to lose weight have many challenges. Many of our patients struggle with their appetite. For those individuals we offer a variety of appetite suppressants to assist in managing their cravings.

These are medications that require an evaluation of your medical history, physical exam, blood tests, an EKG and sometimes further testing prior to starting or continuing appetite suppressants. Many times these medications are combined with one of our balanced high protein diets.

These medications can be customized for the individual depending on the amount and timing of cravings. Many of these weight loss pills have to be medically monitored.

A partial list of some of the weight loss medications your doctor may prescribe to assist you in your weight loss goals are as follows:

• Phentermine (Adipex, Fastin, Ionamin) 37.5mg
• Diethylpropion (Tenuate) 25mg, 75mg
• Cellulose (Vitabese)
• Lipoden shots
• B12 shots


OPTIFAST is a highly successful medical weight loss program that uses meal replacements to help you lose weight. For severely overweight and obese patients that are ready to begin losing weight medical supervision is highly recommended. Involving a physician in your weight loss program will provide you with the support and motivation necessary to be successful in meeting your weight loss goal. In addition, your physician will conduct an initial screening that includes a weight loss history, a physical exam, blood tests and an EKG to ensure that the OPTIFAST program is right for you.

OPTIFAST is a comprehensive program that includes medical monitoring, meal replacement and behavior modification. While participating in this program you will receive assistance from our team of physicians, registered dieticians and counselors.

At ThinFastMD our comprehensive OPTIFAST program offers:

  • Nutritional meal replacement products
  • 4 weeks of customized transition diets
  • Weekly medical monitoring and support
  • Nutrition and behavioral education
  • Laboratory work and EKG evaluation is performed as needed

The OPTIFAST program offers simple meal replacements that come in a powder, ready to drink form, soup, or as nutrition bars. One of the biggest benefits to this weight loss plan is that it removes all the questions surrounding food choices or calorie levels. The OPTIFAST program uses a low calorie diet that makes it easy to lose weight by reducing your calorie intake. The OPTIFAST shakes, soups and bars are nutrient packed so they keep you full despite your reduced calorie intake. The OPTIFAST products taste great and are incredibly simple to prepare as to make this weight loss program nearly hassle free.

After the first week on the OPTIFAST weight loss plan most patients stop craving their previous regular diet. At this point in the program most people also stop feeling hungry. After several weeks of active and rapid weight loss, our program shifts into a transitional phase during which you will slowly begin to eat self-prepared foods. Long term weight-management after the OPTIFAST program is possible through a commitment to diet and lifestyle changes. Increasing exercise and consuming nutrient packed diet that is balanced in fruits and vegetables and protein is crucial to long term weight loss success.

While participating in the OPTIFAST program your daily calorie intake will be dramatically reduced. In many patients this calorie reduction results in four to five pounds of weight loss every week!


At ThinFastMD we believe that everyone is capable of living a healthy lifestyle. Our nutritional counseling is an education based program that helps individuals of all ages, weights and situations to incorporate good nutrition into their life. Our registered dieticians are available to work with you to develop an individualized nutrition plan that you can stick to as you work towards a healthier lifestyle.

There are many different reasons to pursue healthier eating habits. A specialized diet can assist in the treatment of certain weight-related illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease, renal disease and also digestive problems. Many people develop conditions like these due to obesity, which is often caused by an improper diet. Increasing the amount of nutrients in your diet, while decreasing overall fat and calorie intake, is a great way to positively impact your health.

Certain medical conditions call for a specialized diet as part of its treatment. If your blood pressure is high, for example, your physician is likely to recommend a diet that is low in sodium. Women that are pregnant or breastfeeding are also often recommended to follow specialized diets high in nutrients that will benefit both the mother and child. Even if you are not overweight or struggling with one of these medical conditions, nutritional counseling is a great way to incorporate proper nutrition into your busy lifestyle.

Nutritional counseling is often recommended as an alternative to weight loss programs that feature full meal replacements and liquid diets. Many patients that desire to lose weight have difficulty giving up their entire diet to follow a meal replacement program such as OPTIFAST. Nutritional counseling will provide you with an opportunity to receive support and motivation to follow nutritional guidelines that are best suited for your individual needs. Dr. Ghani and our team at ThinFastMD are ready to help you begin living a healthier lifestyle.


At ThinFastMD we recognize that childhood obesity has become a serious problem in the United States. Our adolescent program is designed to help overweight children and teens begin developing healthy eating and lifestyle habits. Our adolescent weight loss program is medically supervised so to provide the support and motivation necessary to both children and parents. We work closely with our patients, making sure to follow the success and set backs of each adolescent as they progress toward their weight loss goal.

Our approach to medically supervised weight loss is an individualized and personalized one. We pay close attention to each of our patients and understand that every individual requires a different method to lose weight. This is true for adults and children alike.

The adolescent medical weight loss program at ThinFastMD involves the upmost care and supervision for your child’s health and safety. Prior to entering our program every adolescent undergoes a full medical screening to ensure that they are able to safely participate in our medical weight loss system. Throughout the course of this program your child will also be invited to participate in follow-up sessions with our Registered Dietician. This will help to promote weight loss by insuring the overall health of your child. These follow-up sessions also generally provide the motivation and support that is necessary to helping children reach their weight loss goals.

At ThinFastMD we want to help your child lose weight by teaching them to develop a healthy relationship with food, one that will follow them into adulthood. For this reason, we focus on educating parents and children together in order to promote healthy habits throughout the entire home. Being healthy together as a family is likely to help your child develop much healthier eating habits than they would otherwise accomplish dieting alone. In addition to teaching proper nutrition we encourage healthy lifestyle changes that will help you and your family in losing weight and becoming healthier. This includes increased physical activity, better sleeping habits and also regained control over calorie consumption by putting a stop to mindless eating.